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To get started, you must first complete the Home Equity Foreclosure Questionnaire. After completing and submitting the questionnaire, we will schedule a FREE courtesy 30 minutes consultation and discuss your options in the funds recovery process. Thereafter, if hired, the HEPS team will diligently and expeditiously pursue the successful recovery of any and all excess funds belonging to you. CALL: 206.686.1070 or 800.225.1965 to speak with a home equity recovery consultant. You must first complete and submit the online home equity foreclosure questionnaire prior to scheduling your FREE consultation.
​​If you or a family member has received a letter from Home Equity Protection Services (HEPS), that means you have excess foreclosure funds waiting to be claimed.  And even if you did not receive a letter yet previously suffered a foreclosure, you may be entitled to excess equity funds as well. Yes, even though your home was foreclosed by either your mortgage company or your state, you are still entitled to any excess funds that may be in their possession as a result of the equity you had built in your home. Surplus funds are determined by subtracting the outstanding mortgage balances from the sale price paid by the highest bidder, including any fees and penalties incurred. In simple terms, surplus funds are the difference between the selling price and the outstanding balance. 

The process of recovering surplus funds from foreclosure can be confusing. Because lenders are of no assistance in this situation, most consumers are left with no guidance on how to proceed. Unfortunately, neither your mortgage company nor the state is required to immediately cut you a check for the balance you are due and owed after all arrears have been paid. They are only required to send a letter to your last known address notifying you of the funds. This practice is useless because the foreclosed homeowner never gets the letter having already been evicted and residing at a new address. Additionally, to recover these funds involves filing a court action, which can be terrifying for most people. 

HOW LONG ARE THESE FUNDS AVAILABLE? It depends on the jurisdiction wherein the funds are located. If the funds are not claimed within a certain number of years, the state may exercise the right of escheat. That means that because no one timely claimed the funds, they revert and become the property of the state. Our goal is to help make sure that does not happen to you. For an example of home equity "Surplus Funds" that have not been claimed in the State of Washington CLICK HERE.    


The thought of having hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of excess equity funds to potentially recover can be just as stressful as losing your home. That's why the HEPS team has the time and experience necessary to relieve our clients of this rewarding but sometimes burdensome process. Our wealth of knowledge and experience helps us steer clear of the many obstacles and roadblocks that frequently cause long delays and problems that may arise in the claims process. ​​HEPS always strive to bring you real results with little or no effort on your part. Your participation and assistance in helping us process your claim although limited, is paramount in effectuating a successful recovery. Teaming up with HEPS you can expect the following:   


Because every case is unique, some funds are easier to locate and recover than others. As you are always welcome to try and locate and recover these funds yourself, you will probably discover like most of our clients that such a task is easier said than done. Some variables may include locating a spouse, filing public notice, effectuating service of process on the proper parties, etc. That's why securing an asset recovery consultant that understands the administrative and judicial process might be a much more plausible solution. 

Having experienced great success in the services we offer, we assume all the risk in an attempt to recover your funds. Thus, we are willing to sacrifice our own time, money and manpower towards these efforts. If "You Don't Win, We Don't Win," establishing a "Win-Win" only relationship. Relative to the value of the assets and the type of assets recovered, we provide the following form of agreements:  

​​CONTINGENCY FEE: Simply put, contingency means No Recovery No Fee. In the alternative, if you get paid, we get paid a small finders fee plus any state imposed administrative cost. Like all of our unclaimed property recovery programs, we assume all the risk and there is never any cost to you in the event HEPS is unable to recover the assets. The recovery process is conducted at the sole expense and risk of HEPS. In every case, you will never incur any out of pocket cost and are exempt from ALL financial liability in the event no funds are recovered. ​ 

ASSET BUYOUT: We offer an Asset Buyout program wherein once the assets are located, we notify and provide full disclosure of the value of the asset and we make a buyout offer and assume all the risk of recovery. You enjoy immediate payment and release all interest in the assets while we attempt recovery. Regardless of the recovery outcome, you are not required to return the advanced payment received from HEPS. 

SPLIT DONATION RECOVERY: Many asset recovery consultants will not pursue funds with too low of a dollar amount because it is simply not cost effective. Because HEPS would prefer ALL funds be returned to the rightful owner and not stuck in state or federal coffers, we developed a program wherein you assign the assets and interest to HEPS and we will donate 50% of the recovered amount less our administrative cost to the Home Equity Protection Defense Fund set up to fight foreclosures on behalf of our members. We believe in karma and that one should never let greed overcome reason and we practice this philosophy through our actions. 

LOW VALUE UNCLAIMED ASSETS: The value of some assets may appear too small to recover and the Client may choose to leave those assets in the possession of the government or other business entity. Regardless, HEPS may work with you to buyout these assets giving you immediate access to those funds. Whatever the case may be, we would much rather those assets be returned to you or directed to a person or family member for your choosing and will work with you to accomplish your goal.

In every instance the HEPS team will strive to bring you real results with little to no effort on your part. Your participation in helping process your claim although very limited, is paramount in effectuating a successful equity funds recovery. Remember, if you have received a letter, we have already located funds belonging to you in the amount stated in the letter. Come work with us to recover the equity funds for which you are entitled and avoid suffering a total loss. Call now and discover for yourself how quickly we can have your unclaimed funds in your immediate possession.


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